My Yard Live (MYL) strives to be the most environmentally friendly live entertainment, eatery and brewery in the United States:

MYL utilizes the spent grain, a product used in the brewing process, and repurposes it to bake fresh bread onsite. The remaining spent grain is donated to a local farmer to feed their livestock.

MYL seeks to be a plastic-free environment including eliminating plastic and utilizing paper straws. Any plastic will be recycled through our partners at EDCO.

MYL is working with New Leaf Biofuel in order to recycle our used cooking oil and convert it to high-quality biodiesel. Their biodiesel is used in place of petroleum diesel, reducing carbon emissions an improving air quality.

MYL’s bathrooms include Kohler Steward Waterless urinals. The Steward Waterless urinals provide significant value to the customer by reducing water, sewage and maintenance costs. These Waterless urinals can save 40,000 gallons of water per fixture per year!

MYL is sourcing their produce from Markon Cooperative, Inc. . Markon consists of seven independent, broadline foodservice companies in the U.S. and Canada. Although they are called Markon for short, they take the cooperative part of their name very seriously - for it is their spirit of cooperation that has made them successful for more than 30 years.

MYL is also sourcing their produce from Specialty Produce. Specialty Produce is a family owned and operated food service and retail fresh produce supplier. A premium provider for more than thirty years, Specialty Produce continues to be a leader in service, product quality and technology and is an organic (CCOF) & food safety (HACCP) certified facility.

Mary’s Free-Range Chickens are produced by Pitman Farms, a family owned business that has been raising poultry for three generations.  Don Pitman began raising free-range turkeys and chickens in 1954.  His son, Rick, continued to raise turkeys and named them after his wife, Mary. Their son, David, continued the family tradition of raising chickens.  Our turkeys and chickens are named after Mary because she has studied nutrition and read labels for 25 years, looking for pure products in an effort to regain her health. Mary’s Chickens are chickens that Mary would buy for her family. All MYL chicken is antibiotic free.

The My Yard Live sustainability efforts is an ongoing process and will continue to look to all aspects of the space to improve.