Large Group Reservations

Thank for your interest in booking your large party reservation at My Yard Live Beer Co. Large Party Reservations cannot exceed 25 people. We will do our best to accommodate but there are no guarantees. Once we confirm availability, we will need a deposit that is purchased in the form of a gift card. Purchase directions are below as well as our large party reservation policies. Please fill out the below form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks again!

TABLES / SEATING: We are a full-service restaurant and brewery. Our largest tables seat 8 people. Everyone in the party must have a seat at the table. While we understand your crew will be playing games etc., and not always at the table, there must be a dedicated seat for each person in your party.

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by at least one adult at the table. We no longer allow tables of children only. If you have a mix of children and adults, please split accordingly.

RESERVATION / TABLE REQUESTS: If you have a request on where you would like to sit (near the band, away from the band, inside, outside), please let us know now. We will do our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee them. All changes must be requested no later then 72 hours in advance and must be made in writing to At no time, will changes or additions be accepted after 72 hours.

Reservations are held for 15 minutes. Especially for larger reservations, we cannot hold multiple tables for longer than 15 minutes. Make plans to arrive early, hang for a drink and play some games before your seating. There is a 2-hour window on all reservations. That time begins at your reservation time whether you are here or not

DEPOSITS: We use Gift Card purchases as deposits for parties larger than 16. You are able to apply the Gift Card to your bill the night of the reservation, or it can be used at a future date if you need to cancel or postpone. The $100 gift card is non-refundable. DO NOT PURCHASE GIFT CARDS UNTIL YOU ARE INSTRUCTED BY US AND WE HAVE CONFIRMED AVAILABILITY. YOUR RESERVATION IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL THIS GIFT CARD IS PURCHASED

CHECKS: We have an “Order at the Table” system where guests can purchase anything at any time via their phone! One of our servers will be there to guide your experience. If you would like to make an initial order of food or drinks for the party and pay for it, this will need to be advanced in writing 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF THE RESERVATION. Orders from one table will not be transferred to another table. PLEASE COMMUNICATE THIS TO OTHER PEOPLE AT YOUR PARTY

CHILDREN: My Yard Live is a haven for kids and kids at heart! CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE 10 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT AT ALL TIMES AND NO RUNNING IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE VENUE OR IN THE DINING AREA. Kids get excited here. We get it. It's a super cool place but you need to be accountable for your kids and assure they are under control and respectful of the other guests

OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINK: OUTSIDE FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT PERMISSIBLE EXCEPT FOR CAKES. (1) Cake per party is permissible. No cupcakes, other desserts, and any other food are allowed. The "Cakeage Fee" is $2 per person and will be added to your bill. We are a restaurant and are unable to control the safety of outside food and drink therefore we limit them to cakes only.

We really appreciate your support and look forward to hosting you at My Yard Live!