The “My Yard Live” experience brings together all the elements of a community center, park, upscale beer garden, diverse eatery, and a one of a kind live entertainment and event venue. For the young, or young at heart, MYL combines the comforts of your own fantasy backyard with the convenience of a brewery and restaurant. Situated in an indoor – outdoor, park-like setting, MYL will offer a variety of activities for all ages.

MYL offers a different way of entertaining and bringing the community together. Our vision is to develop MYL in San Diego County and then to expand to other markets. MYL will adapt to the local community’s preferences for music, food, libations, workshops and activities. The local environment will determine the feel and spirit of each MYL. While the “MY” in My Yard Live will be unique to the city in which it resides, the core values of the company will remain the same. Each My Yard Live will instill a sense of the “Child Spirit” in us all, encourage community bonds while exemplifying social responsibility and sustainability through an innovative customer experience. Our ultimate goal is to offer a family-friendly sanctuary for our whole community, together in one location.