The “My Yard Live Beer Co.” experience brings together all the elements of a community center, park, upscale beer garden / brewery, diverse eatery, and a one of a kind live entertainment and event venue. For the young, or young at heart, MYL combines the comforts of your own fantasy backyard with the convenience of a brewery and restaurant. Situated in an indoor – outdoor, park-like setting, MYL offers a variety of activities for all ages.

My Yard Live Beer Co. is a family of friends who are life-long enthusiasts of great music, tasty food and imaginative beverages. This fun-loving family was founded by Mark McLarry and Jamie Minotti who have been friends and business partners for over 15 years. Collaborating on multiple businesses in the music industry over the years, Mark and Jamie noticed that while music has the incredible power to draw people together, music events tend to divide audiences. They watched friends and families at festivals scattering in different directions, separated by beer gardens and age discriminating wrist bands. They often mused about ways to make music events more accessible and inclusive.

As Mark and Jamie were dreaming up their next venture, an age-old family struggle was brewing in McLarry household. At this time Mark’s family had grown to include 4 school-aged children with different tastes in just about everything. Mark and his wife were constantly negotiating with their kids to agree on a restaurant or activity that the whole family could enjoy…rarely was this possible. The McLarry family was running in a million different directions trying to keep everyone happy. The predicament that Jamie and Mark had noticed at music festivals years prior was now hitting close to home. Mark and Jamie used that dilemma to create the concept of My Yard Live Beer Co. They set out to create a place where everyone is comfortable, and has an incredible time!

As Mark’s family was growing excited about the idea of a place that they could all enjoy together, Jamie’s family grew by one beautiful little girl! Now both fathers were juggling family fun with needing some space to relax and unwind…and their solution was beginning to materialize.

The MYL family was expanding, but was not yet complete. While Mark and Jamie had all the tools to create a rocking music and event venue, they wanted to ensure that they could create the most delicious experience possible. That meant partnering with two exceptional individuals who would ensure the venue was filled with the highest quality food and beer. The MYL family soon included Freddy Bensch, creator and co-founder of Sweetwater Brewing Company, one of the largest craft breweries in the USA. Freddy brought decades of discerning beer brewing knowledge to MYL, and guided the brewing program from start to finish. George McKerrow is a visionary and innovator in the restaurant industry. A true legend of the American culinary experience, George has opened hundreds of restaurants across the USA including Longhorn Steakhouse. MYL is fortunate to benefit from his lifetime of restaurant perfection. Together these four partners formulated a recipe for a community gathering space that all members of any family can enjoy. Whether kids are in the mix or not, there is something for everyone at My Yard Live Beer Co..

As My Yard Live Beer Co. welcomes the community in to play, taste and listen, our family continues to grow to include the greater San Diego populace. We hope that you will stop by for re-imagined backyard fare, exquisitely crafted beer and libations, and all the music and fun you can handle. We’ll be here, waiting to welcome your family into ours!